Our Story

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Curl & Tame Hair Boutique is a collective of Fort Wayne’s talented hair stylists. Whether you have extreme hair that you want to tame or sleek hair you want to curl – we are obsessed with giving you the best hair possible. We thrive on creativity, fresh ideas and positive energy. The boutique is fun and friendly with a bit of an eclectic vibe. Conveniently located on the North side of Fort Wayne, we offer a unique and personalized experience.


Dawn has known since high school she was meant to be a stylist, and thirty-five years later is still passionate about her craft and loves doing hair. Dawn says the best part of her job is interacting with people and hearing their stories – treating her clients as an extension of her family. After twenty-three years working as a Partner in another salon, she knew it was time to create a more intimate and personalized hair boutique. During her free time, you would most likely find her walking Thelma, hanging out with her children Maya & Aiden or entertaining close friends on her deck.